Why Capitalism works so well.

Capitalism works so well because it is a copy of the law of the jungle. The larger entities consume the smaller. "Dog eat Dog" This law was working long before mankind was here. When we became civilized we learned to build a house to keep the jungle out so that we could have a bit of peace and quiet.

Well now the jungle has found it's way back into our houses and has driven many of us out of our houses. Apparently now we need a new kind of shelter to protect us from this new jungle with it's BEASTS that can not be stopped. This new house must have walls made of laws that will not let any of the beasts that lurk in the jungle in.

This jungle is not a jungle of the individual beast it is a jungle of the cumulative beasts. Because of this it is not the people that need to hide within the new house. It is out social groups that are also cumulative entities. These groups that must be sheltered from the capital jungle is our social functions.

(The medical system) (The political system) (The education system) (The judicial system) (The communication system)