The Fuel becomes less costly to manufacture and the fuel itself is safer for the environment and it is a safer fuel to handle.

Oil and water does not mix. Now that you have read the post "Ethanol and water burns" , you know why I am looking for a source of ethanol that is denatured with isopropyl alcohol. The reason for this is that I wish to mix it with water to a mixture of 51% ethanol to 49% water. It seems that the manufacture of ethanol could be made much simpler if it was understood that it does not need to have the purity that they presently strive for. This fuel lends itself better to be made in a simple home solar powered still. It does not need to be further distilled as I plan to put the greater part of the water back into the fuel. This makes for a fuel that can be doubled by the presence of water. It also makes a fuel that is safer to handle because a 50 /50 mixture of ethanol and water can be extinguished with water if it should catch fire. It also will not contaminate the environment should a spill happen. This is obviously the perfect fuel. It will immediately double the fuel production because of adding water and cut the cost of fuel production in half because it only needs to be distilled one time. Now when you consider that an internal combustion engine when using this fuel automatically becomes an internal combusting steam engine that increases the output mechanical energy by about 30% because of a more efficient use of the heat that is generated by the combustion process. The engine will be noticeably cooler because the heat is used to generate steam that adds to the pressure on the piston that increases the overall output of the engine. The final result of this is that when mixing the fuel to a mix of 50/50 you double the amount of fuel to start with, this amounts to an increase in the efficiency of the fuel use by 100% then there is the increase of about 30 to 39% in the efficiency of the heat use using this fuel that has already been doubled you result with a possible increase in the fuel economy by about 130 to 139% Now if this was also coupled with the hybrid technology the increase might be as much a 2 times this. This technology needs to be examined further. Anybody that does any research in this area I would be glad to hear of your results and will publish your info on this site.

Thank you for listening