Oil and water do not mix.

When the internal combustion engine was first created it did not run on gasoline. There was no gasoline. It was created to run on ethanol. It will even run on ethanol when it is only 100 proof, that is 50% water. When running on a 100 proof mix of water and ethanol the engine seemed to run better but it caused the oil in the crankcase to become contaminated with water and on a cold day the water vapor would condense in the air in back of the vehicle like a thick fog. This is much like your breath on a cold day, except there is thousands of time the volume of vapor. The vehicle in back of you would not be able to see the road because of the fog from the water vapor condensing in the cold air. During the summertime this would not be noticed. I decided it was time that somebody did a bit of research on the events within this internal combustion engine when the fuel is half water. I set up a old Honda station wagon that still had the butterfly type automatic choke system. I set the choke to close a bit more than it was when running on gas. This is to compensate for the lower vapor pressure of the ethanol fuel. When running on gas this vehicle got 28 miles per gallon. I put in an almost pure mix of ethanol that was denatured by a mix of isopropyl alcohol. The result was a bit better than 25 miles per gallon on this mix. I then tried adding water to this mixture and it improved the m.p.g. of the mixture up to the point that the ethanol will no longer burn in a spoon. At that point it would not run the engine. The optimal mixture turned out to be about 50 / 50. This would vary a bit depending on the humidity of the air. For a general all around fuel the mixture the best was a 51% ethanol and a 49% water. This will run even on a rainy day. This mixture was also a much safer fuel as it could be extinguished with water. The result of using this fuel was a 39% increase in the fuel economy over the pure ethanol mixture. There was an obvious increase in power. I could spin the wheels in first gear just by stepping on the gas pedal. This mixture got almost 35 m.p.g.. This means that one gallon of pure ethanol could make this vehicle go almost 70 miles when it was mixed with water. Now the question that I result with is why is it better when mixed with water? It was necessary to do a complete thermal analysis of the engine when running on this fuel and again when running on a standard mixture. The result of the findings is amazing. It is discovered that the engine runs much cooler when the fuel is mixed with water. the exhaust is much cooler and the water in the radiator does not dissipate as much heat. It appears that the engine has become much more efficient in its ability to convert heat to mechanical energy. This is because the medium of evaporation is no longer just the vapor from the fuel but the steam that is generated by the absorption of the normally wasted heat. This indicates that the engine has become an internal combusting steam engine. I am sure that the oil companies are quite familiar with this phenomena. I am also sure that the oil lobby is responsible for the law that forces the ethanol manufactures to mix gasoline with the ethanol so that it can not be mixed with water. Thus preventing people from finding out about this efficient system of use for ethanol as it would be a fatal blow to the oil producing companies.

More on this later!