More information on the internal combusting steam engine.

The information that leads to the car of the future. That is when the oil companies no longer control the world. The idea system of fuel economic vehicle propulsion. This system would use a 2 stroke diesel engine that runs on ethanol mixed with water. This system will use a castor based lubrication system that can have the water purged from it by heating it. Then the exhaust would need to be cooled to the point that the reclamation of the water can be done. In this way the fuel mixture could be done just prior to the point of combustion using a computer controlled injection system that provides the precise mixture of water to ethanol relative to the humidity that is present in the air. This engine would be tuned to run at a speed that is matched to the needed speed for a permanent magnet generator. This generation system would be used as the basis for a hybrid system. In a vehicle that is comparable to a compact station wagon. I would expect a fuel economy of 2 times the best available at the present time. I would not be surprised at 130 m.p.g.. Now if you add to this vehicle PV panels moulded into the body that could charge a ballast while you are in work from the sunshine in the parking lot, you might NEVER need to buy fuel again. The problem with this is that if you decide to manufacture such a vehicle I would also invest in a bullet proof car and a flak jacket. There are a number of countries around the world that are dependant on the sale of oil for there very survival.