Joanne and I split the purchase of a pallet of solar panels. 28, 220 watt panels. I will take 12 of these she gets 16 the cost was .78 per watt. they are guaranteed for 25 years to at least 80% of rated power output. They will pay for themselves in one year.

Her pannels are going to become a grid tied power generator to sell her power to the power company. She will be allowed up to 10kw power generation. She will start out with 3500 watts from her 16 x 220 watt panels.

My 12 are going on the roof of my buss/motorhome 12 x 220=2640. watts this is about 3.5 HP The buss will be powered by a warp11 series wound DC with a warp drive 1000 amp chopper drive.

DO not give me shit about series wound dc because the dynamic braking is done as a separate issue using 6, 300 amp alternators with a reversed clutch that works as a DYNAMIC brake pedal instead of a clutch.

These 6 alternators can also be driven by a 4 cylinder engine that also has a clutch to engage it. So the system can be driven on the electrical out put of the generator. When this is the case there is no dynamic braking. This type of hybrid is yet to be seen on the road.

It is essentially a serial hybrid but can become parallel when both the dynamic brake and the motor clutch is engaged. When this is the case the electrical load is removed from the 6 alternators.

There is much more that can be done with this arraignment but a computer control must then drive the buss. It will then take commands from a throttle that only sends information to the computer telling it what you want to do. Then the computer will determine the most efficient way to give you what you want. This vehicle will cost nothing to drive if you stay within the limits of the battery ballast and do not start the 4 cylinder engine.

The warp11 motor will move the buss up to 15 MPH on just the power of the sunshine. That amounts to 3.5 hp This mean that when you are in traffic you are driving for free as long as the sun is out

My guess is that I will have 2 hours of driving time at 45 to 55 MPH if the sun is out. My batteries are 12 commercial type. They measure 18 inches long and 12 inches wide and 8 inches tall. The cost of t he bank is 137 x 12=1644. My cost for this prototype is about 10K

This vehicle will drive from one state park to the next. I will park for free in most cases as I can sell some of my power. When I tow a trailer with the buss the trailer will also have the roof covered with solar panels. In the trailer is a solid fuel boiler / furnace that can be run while I am moving. It burns wood chips or about anything as it has a dc powered draft control.

Also in the trailer will be my motorcycle that gets 80 MPG and my car. A 1996 Geo Metro 3 cylinder with 5 speed standard transmission. The gears in the differential of this have been increased by 25%. It gets between 35 and 60 mpg. The 35 mpg was on dirt roads down here. The 60mpg is highway at about 60 mph.

As you can see my protest about the oil companies has taken physical form. The information about my engineering data will be available on line very soon on my site. I will soon have a page called FLIPPENZBIRD2OIL

The name was inspired by the GERMAN company that learned my lesson that I have had posted on the web for many years. It is called You must PRIME THE PUMP. What they learned has made it possible for them to sell solar panels for .78 per watt.

Wait for the next boat from Germany to arrive loaded with solar panels.

My prime the pump site.

Keep your eye on this site to buy your solar