Energy Slap

We all know that for more than 50 years that the oil companies have been buying all the technology that would compete with the sale of oil. That is energy efficient devices. Alternative energy sources. Anything that would allow people to burn less oil is probably a patent in the control of Mobil or other oil companies. This deserves a class action law suit by the rest of us here on this planet. This should be enough money to fix the problem that they created. I will even give them an idea that I am sure that they already had, but don't think about much. That idea is one that is brought out by the letter below that was directed to the pbs site as a question for there experts. I am curious to see if the question gets posted.

What role if any will heat engine technology play in the solution to alternative energy? The heat engine technology that I am thinking about is an engine that works as an LP steam engine does but uses a medium such as ammonia or propane. This alters the boiling point of the medium so as to make it useful for generating energy from low temperature differential sources. This type of technology could produce energy from differences in temperature at different depth levels in the ocean. This would be directly using the heat from global warming to supply us with the power that we need. There is more than enough energy there to supply our needs. 8 btu's per gallon per degree difference. You do not need to build the solar collector it is already there. All you need to build is the heat engines and underwater generating stations. This is knowledge and technology that has been available since before we were born.

Not only will this type of underwater generating stations supply all of the energy that we will ever need but if used correctly at varied locations around the world with the discharge of spent water at the surface. This would have a cooling effect on the surface of the ocean making it possable to control our planets weather by selective cooling of the oceans surface at the location of any generating plant.

We have the technology. We have the need. We have the desire. Now all that is necessary is to have the capital greed to stop blocking the inititive to true progress.